How to Sleep Better Before Your Competition

How to Sleep Better Before Your Competition

The first thing you should know, regardless of how you sleep the night  before your big race, comp or game..  

It barley affects your performance.  

If you’re curious on how sleep effects performance check out that  video right up there.  

Alright - regardless of how sleep effects your performance, feeling  tired sucks and so does tossing and turning the night before your big  event.

Here are some tips on how to sleep better before your competition 

#1) Know that regardless of how well you sleep or don’t  sleep, your performance is barely effected.  

Many times an athlete will get mad at themselves and be frustrated  you can’t sleep. You say things like “come on fall asleep already” “If  you don’t sleep you’re gonna suck, you’re gonna be tired” This will  make you anxious, make you frustrated and ultimately make it harder  to fall asleep. So relax - take a deep breath and know in spite of how  well you sleep you’re gonna kick butt!  

#2) A good sleep routine should be a habit.  

If you’re trying new sleep routines or habits the night before your  comp… you’re behind. Sleep is critical. Sure - tossing a turning one  night may not effect performance but losing sleep night after night will 

absolutely hurt you as an athlete. So make sure you practice good sleep  habits before your competition. If you need help with a good sleep  routine check out You can  download the Performance Sleep Guide ebook for Free. It reveals the  best sleep tips for athletes, the same tips I give the professional  athletes I personally work with.  

#3) Hydrate Early:  

Make sure you hydrate during the day and don’t wait till the hour  before bed to realize you’re behind on hydration. If you drink too  much just prior to bed you may find yourself have to do midnight  sprints to the bathroom. Not a great way to get deep rejuvenating  sleep.  

#4) Relax and Unwind:  

Stop talking and try to stop thinking about the upcoming game - comp  or race 1 hour prior to bed. Try reading or listen to relaxing music. You  can even get a sleep app that plays gentle music or relaxing sounds to  help you clear your mind.  

#5) Stay and Don’t Surf:  

If you find yourself tossing and turning don’t get up. You don’t want to  get up and turn on lights. Getting up can elevate heart rate, the lights  can trigger hormones in your body to wake up. And don’t grab your  phone and surf. The blue lights from your phone can trigger hormones  in your body that says “It’s Game Time” Stay in bed take deep breaths,  you can even try counting sheep. I know it sounds lame and old but it 

does work. You can even grab your sleep app and turn on music,  sounds or meditations to help you fall back asleep. But make sure your  phone is dim and in night mode. This reduces the blue light. If you do  grab your phone. No Social Media or Surfing!  

#6) No mater how you sleep remember this!  

Poor sleep the night before your comp barley effects performance  unless… you keep telling yourself it does. So when you wake up -  regardless of how you feel keep telling yourself your gonna crush it!  

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Hope these tips help you out. If you want to perfect your sleep habits  and improve overall performance check out the Performance Sleep  Guide For Athletes its Free to Download. Head over to 

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