What Is Whey Concentrate

What Is Whey Concentrate And Should I Take It?


What is Whey Protein Concentrate

You’re about to find out exactly what Whey Protein Concentrate is… where it comes from and if it’s good for you.

The truth may actually shock you.

My name’s Shawn Walker lets dive in and lets get better.

Milk has two components curd and whey.

The liquid part is Whey. In it’s true form it has protein - fats - carbohydrates vitamins and minerals.

To get whey protein concentrate - (a protein powder) the whey part of milk goes through a filtration process. This filtration process removes some of the impurities including some of the fat and some of the carbs.

What your left with is Whey Protein Concentrate

Now - there are pros and cons to Whey Concentrate.

First - Lets explore the Pros.

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Benefit #1 - Whey concentrate is typically the least expensive of all protein types. So that’s good if you’re on a budget - but there’s a reason it’s cheap which I’ll get to.

Benefit #2 - Whey protein concentrate is protein.  So you will get the benefits of protein. (but you may not know exactly how beneficial it really is) I’ll explain more in just a second.

Benefit #3 - Because Whey concentrate is filtered less it still contains things like lactoferrin which can help fight off infections and support your immune system.

Also because Whey Concentrate still contains some of the fats and carbohydrates - it’s digested and absorbed into the body a little slower then Whey Isolate or Whey Hydrolyzed. 

Whey Concentrate takes about 2-3 hours for the body to digest. So depending on your fitness and nutrition goals this can be a pro or con.

Now lets dive into the negatives of Whey Concentrate.

Downfall #1 - Because of the minimal filtration process whey concentrate contains lactose - which you likely know can lead to bloating - gas and upset stomach.

So - If you’re at all lactose intolerant you may find yourself clearing out a room or sprinting toward the toilet. Lets just say Whey concentrate will not be your best friend.

Now here’s a little known shocking statistic…

And this is a Major Downfall - Whey concentrate can range anywhere from 35 - 80% protein by weight.

So if you’re taking a 10 gram scoop it can be is little as 3.5 grams of protein. The rest can be fats - carbohydrates and fillers.

Or your scoop may contain 8 grams of protein.

And unfortunately Most Whey Concentrates don’t specify how much protein they actually contain so you’re left guessing.

This large variance in actual protein by weight leads to a number of problems. 

If you need 15 grams of protein per day and you don’t know if your protein contains 35% - 50% or 80% protein you’ll never know if you’re body is getting the right amount.

Because of the possible low concentration of protein you may actually be paying more for the protein you are getting.

So - If you’re not careful on what brand of protein you choose… You could be getting a small amount of protein and a whole lot of filler.

Another thing that causes people to waste money on protein is their bodies inability to digest it.

See - many people have a hard time digesting large amounts of protein in a short period of time. This is obvious to some people because they get gas… bloating and upset stomach.

But for others it may go unnoticed. However - the problem is - if your body can’t digest the protein… it gets excreted and your body never uses it. Your muscles don’t get the growth or the recovery.

Worse - you’ve wasted your money on protein you thought was actually doing something. When in reality it wound up in the toilet.

Studies actually show you can lose up to 75-80% of amino acids during digestion.

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Whey Awesome Sauce is a pure Whey Protein Isolate that includes a special digestive enzyme blend. 

The blend is specifically designed to digest better and be absorbed by the body easier.

This means your body can absorb more protein and more amino acids. 

Which means you get more muscle growth - faster muscle recovery and should feel less post workout or activity soreness.

This is why Pro Athletes and their Trainers demand to use 100% Whey Awesome Sauce.

So if you want a pure protein that can digest quickly and easily without causing stomach issues…

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